September 2018

Shopify Executive Dashboard

Release date: 09/25/2018

Pages: Custom Dashboards > Shopify Executive Dashboard

All customers with a Shopify integration enabled can now access a high-level view of customer health, eCommerce statistics, and actionable customer retention segments. Charts are available to see the recency, frequency, and monetary values that customers are buying with your brand, and the products and US states driving the most revenue.

New Traffic Cloud Navigation Pane

Release date: 09/24/2018

Pages: All

We have revamped the navigation pane on the left side of Traffic Cloud to allow users to more easily navigate between pages and minimize the space taken up by the pane. To navigate to a different page, click on the icon of the proper nav section. If there is only one page within the nav section, you will be taken directly to that page. If multiple pages exist, a pop-out will appear allowing you to select the desired page.

The Filters pane on the Traffic, Search, and Content pages will now stay open after you have applied all desired filters. You can manually collapse the Filters pane by clicking the X in the top right corner. The Filters pane will automatically collapse if you open the Recommendations or Files pane. These panes will automatically collapse when the Filters pane is expanded.