August 2018

Google Ads Performance Dashboard

Release date: 08/24/2018

Page: Standard Dashboards> Marketing > Google Ads Performance

A new standard dashboard is now available to gain more insight into paid search performance within Google Ads. Users can see detailed metrics about account quality scores, keyword cost information, conversions, and trends over time. To connect your Google Ads account to the Traffic Cloud, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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Search Clusters Dashboard

Release date: 08/17/2018

Page: Standard Dashboard > Marketing > Search Clusters

The Search Clusters dashboard provides marketers with a summarized view of their Google Ads paid search performance at varying levels of granularity. A word cloud features the top search terms that users are entering to reach your site. The table below shows a high level clustering (or grouping) of each of these terms, summarized by the cost, impressions, clicks, and number of search queries within each cluster. This can give insight into the highest and lowest value clusters of search terms. You can click a cluster name at any time to drill down to a lower, more granular level of clustering and see the engagement stats at that level.

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