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What is DemandJump Attribution:

It is difficult to assign credit to the right marketing touchpoint along the path to purchase. It is hard to quantify one channel's ability to influence conversions that happened downstream, and identify the most impactful marketing touch points along the path to purchase. DemandJump has formulated what we believe to be the most accurate attribution formula, taking into account influence across channel

How Does It Work?

DemandJump's algorithmic attribution uses a probabilistic graphical model called the Bayesian network to predict the true cause of a purchase. After analyzing thousands of digital paths taken by both converting and non-converting visitors, DemandJump attribution (algorithmic attribution) assigns probabilities of converting based on previous paths taken.

For Instance in this case ^, the algorithmic attribution model has learned that if someone comes in through organic search, there’s a 95% chance visitors will come back and buy through direct traffic next time, and a 5% chance they’ll come back and buy through an affiliate link.

It does this analysis at a massive scale for each potential next-step, and uses these paths’ probabilities to assign value to specific marketing channels & touch points - based on their likelihood to result in a conversion later. 

Key Features of the Attribution Dashboard

In our DemandJump Attribution Dashboard we start by showing you total conversions and Marketing touches, then demonstrating the average amount of touches/conversions. 

Then we look at the influence of different channels, and a break down of this by different attribution models.

Finally, we look at influence based on the different attribution models individually:

If you want to learn more about Marketing Attribution and the power of the algorithm, check out this blog article!

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