So what has changed?

At the heart of it, we wanted to reorganize the design to be more intuitive, and follow the three words that have been driving our product:

Analyze, Discover, Optimize

  • Analyze cross-channel performance & behavior
  • Optimize digital marketing spend with Demandjump recommendations
  • Discover hidden marketing gaps & opportunities

And for our users with Custom Dashboards

You will find those safe and sound underneath "Custom"


Underneath Analyze are:

Analyze houses the dashboards users rely on to understand acquisition across channels, attribution, user behavior and conversions, as well as performance across ad networks (all of your integrations).

Instead of inundating users with more options than they can keep track of, related dashboards appear as tabs when necessary under the sub-headers:




Google Ads

Google Search Console


Underneath Discover are:

Discover is meant to facilitate just that, the discovery of opportunity. Here, users can look at traffic and market trends and see exactly what users are looking for with the "Search" and "Traffic" tabs. (Formerly "Search Explore" and "Traffic Explore")


Underneath Optimize are:

Optimize helps users take action - a new and Improved Recommendation page will take residence here, along with the Strategic Deliverables (formerly "Files"), and Lists. These help users take action, keep track of what is important to them and optimize their Marketing.

What else should you know?

Settings still contains the same features, such as managing users, notifications as well as attribution and forecasting. It is just at the bottom now.

Meanwhile, your profile Icon as been moved to the top right!

Any additional questions or feedback?

Chat with us via intercom, either here or on our app, and we will help walk you though this new layout!

We hope you will find it to be simpler to navigate, and more enjoyable to use!  😊 

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