The General page in the Forecast section of the DemandJump allows you to enable conversion and revenue estimates within the platform.  These estimates provide insights on the magnitude of potential conversions and revenue that can be driven by taking action on recommendations to expand your overall traffic from various sources and paid search keywords.

You are  also able to rename Conversions. Popular examples for conversion labels include Leads, Transactions, and Conversions.

The Traffic Buffer Percentage is an optional setting that allows you to adjust your traffic performance estimates for all traffic sources by a certain percentage.  There are two use cases where the Traffic Buffer may be helpful for you:

  1. If your team is focused on a particular business unit that does not have a dedicated domain, you can use the traffic buffer to reduce your traffic totals to reflect an accurate portion of traffic coming to you domain. For example, if all users in your account work for a retailer in the sporting goods business unit, and you know that only 5% of traffic interacts with your business unit on your domain's site, you can set a traffic buffer percentage of -95 for each month to accurately reflect the amount of traffic you can expect to achieve. 
  2. If your domain is expecting a large amount of growth in the next year, you can set a positive buffer percentage to increase your traffic estimates. For example, if your traffic totals are growing 50% Year over Year, you can set a Traffic Buffer of 50 to display estimated traffic, conversion, and revenue estimates based on that increased traffic amount.

The channel-specific pages within the Forecast Settings allow you to customize the default conversion rate and average order value for each marketing channel. You are able to add custom values for each month of the year if you experience variance in your conversion rates and average order values throughout the year. These default percentages will be used to calculate the Conversion Performance and Revenue Performance columns on the Discover > Traffic and Discover > Search pages. You can further customize the rates for individual traffic sources by expanding a traffic card on the Discover > Traffic and navigating to the Forecast tab.

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