The Traffic dashboard beneath Discover provides insight into the sites that are driving web traffic to your site and others in your competitive ecosystem. Traffic sources are ranked based on how important each traffic source is to your competitive ecosystem based on overall traffic and other factors. 

Each traffic source card includes metrics that help you understand where you are winning against your competitors and where your biggest opportunities for improvements lie. Information available on each traffic card is explained here 

Additionally, There are two labels on certain traffic cards to help you understand more about them.

What this dashboard solves

  • How do I optimize my programmatic and display campaign performance?
  • What are my gaps based on consumer behavior and competitive data?
  • I don't have time to track competitive intelligence and channel performance.
  • What do my customers care about that I am not aligning to?
  • What content should I write about that my consumers want?

How to filter in Traffic 

To filter your results to narrow down your traffic results by the following criteria:

  • Custom Filters: You can create a custom filter by selecting a combination of other filters, then selecting Save Current Filters and adding a name. This makes it quick and easy to access filter sets that are of particular importance to you. 
  • Channel: The different types of sources that are driving traffic (Affiliates, Blogs, Search, etc.)
  • Domain: All sites within your competitive ecosystem. Use these filters to learn what sites are driving traffic to only these domains.
  • New: New traffic sources are those that are driving traffic to other sites in your ecosystems. These represent potential marketing opportunities for new traffic. Filtering for Existing will show only sources that drive traffic to your domains.
  • Category: These filters narrow results based on the subject material of the traffic sources (Food and Drink, Finance, Sports, etc.)

You are also able to adjust the date range of the results to drill down into specific time periods when traffic sources drove people to your competitive ecosystem.  The date control is located in the top right corner of the result set. You are able to adjust the start and end date for when traffic has come to your competitive ecosystem.

How to hide one or more traffic sources from your result set:

  • Navigate to Discover > Traffic
  • Check the box of one or more traffic sources you no longer want to see
  • Click the eye icon at the top of the grid
  • Click Yes

To unhide one or more traffic sources:

  • Navigate to Lists > Hidden
  • Check the box of one or more traffic sources you want to restore
  • Click the eye icon at the top of the grid
  • Click Yes

How to add Traffic Sources to a List:

To add a traffic source to a List, click the Add to List icon, and select the list destination. You can also create a new list from this menu. Lists allow you to collect a similar set of traffic sources in a single exportable format for further discussion among your team.

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