The Custom Dashboards section is where you can find any dashboards that have been created uniquely for your account by the DemandJump Customer Success team.

How to Subscribe to a Custom Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the dashboard you would like to subscribe to
  • Click the envelope icon in the top left corner of the page
  • Select how frequently you would like to receive the dashboard in your inbox
  • Daily: The dashboard will be sent at 8:00 AM each morning
  • Weekly: The dashboard will be sent every Monday morning
  • Monthly: The dashboard will be sent on the first day of each month
  • Click Save
  • To edit your dashboard subscription settings, navigate to Settings>Notifications

How to Download your Data:

  • Navigate to the dashboard you would like to download
  • Hover over the dashboard widget you would like to learn more about
  • Click the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select Download Data...
  • Choose the file format to download your data (TXT, Excel, ¬†CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown, or PNG)
  • Results (With visualization options applied or As displayed in the data table)
  • Values formatted or unformatted
  • Limit (Results in table or custom number of rows)
  • Specify the name of your file
  • Select Download or Open in Browser

Some dashboards allow you to drill down to view more granular summaries of data. To drill down into part of a report, hover over the area you would like to learn more about and click. If a drill down is available, you will be prompted with options for how you would like to visualize the data.

If you are interested in customizing the dashboards available in your account, reach out to your Customer Success Manager!

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