Webpage Detail Report

The Webpage Detail Report provides insight into the usage and performance metrics of every page on your website. Available metrics include:

  • Page View Count: Number of times the page was viewed
  • Session Count: A user who accesses multiple pages in a single visit to your website, all of those page visits are recorded as a single session
  • User Count: Number of unique users that have viewed the page in the given time period
  • Avg % Scrolled: How far down the page the average user scrolled
  • Avg Page Load Time: How many milliseconds it took for the page to load for the average user

To filter the results set to change the data that appears in your report:

  • Change the Date filter to only see traffic/performance information for a custom date range
  • Change the URL filter to see traffic/performance information for a particular URL or subdomain. For example, if you are interested in only viewing performance information about your blog pages, add a 'starts with' URL filter of 'www.yourdomain.com/blog/'

To download the raw data used to generate this report:

  • Hover over the top right corner of the dashboard
  • Click the ICON icon
  • Select Download Data...
  • Choose the file format to download your data in (TXT, Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown, or PNG)
  • Results (With visualization options applied or As displayed in the data table)
  • Values formatted or unformatted
  • Limit (Results in table or Custom # of rows)
  • Specify the name of your file
  • Select Download or Open in Browser