Search Clusters

The Search Clusters dashboard allows you to see the real-world queries being made on your Google Ads campaigns and algorithmically group them to help determine the most optimal way users actually search. A word cloud presents a high-level view of the terms most queried across all clusters.

The Search Clusters Table below can display clusters in 3 tiers:

  • Cluster Level 1: This is the highest level of groupings. This term should broadly represent the two cluster levels below itself and the queries they represent.
  • Cluster Level 2: This is the second layer of query grouping. This label represents the various groupings inside of the broad label 1.
  • Cluster Level 3: This is the most granular search query cluster. These clusters represent the smallest amount of search queries in the largest amount of clusters.

For each search cluster, the Traffic Cloud displays the most important engagement metrics. The metrics shown are for all time where data exists in your Google Ads account.

  • Total Cost: How much your primary domain spent on keywords within this cluster
  • Total Impressions: How many times your paid search ads were seen by users performing queries within this cluster
  • Total Clicks: How many times your paid search ads were clicked by users performing queries within this cluster
  • Search Query Count: The total number of search queries that occurred within this cluster.

There are two drill downs available by clicking a value under Cluster Level 1 in the Search Cluster Table:

  1. by Cluster Level 2: This allows you to see all of the search clusters that make up the highest-level cluster you selected. After drilling down to Cluster Level 2, you can click on one of those clusters to drill down to Cluster Level 3, the most granular set of clusters.
  2. by Search Query: This will allow you to see the queries that make up the clusters and help inform how you should begin building out your search campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.