The Content > Explore page allows you to view content published by companies within your competitive ecosystem. You can view the most recently published or most popular blog posts, along with their social sharing information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Clicking on a particular result will direct you to the site where the content is hosted.

You are able to filter your results to narrow down your content results by the following criteria:

  • Custom Filters: You can create a custom filter by selecting a combination of other filters, then selecting Save Current Filters and adding a name
  • Websites: The various sites in your competitive ecosystem publishing the content
  • Recency: The time frame of published content that you would like to view
  • Topics: These filters narrow results based on the subject material of the content

For content published by your primary domain, you are able to expand each content card to see the Twitter users that are most influential for the topics discussed in the article.